Morgan christmas light adventure

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Since 2015 we have been lighting our Home with Lights set to music.    All programing is done using the XLights software.  

Our 2022 Show season is being planned now..  We will kick off the Halloween show will kick off this year on October 7th and run thru Halloween.  The Christmas show will kick off on Friday November 25th and run thru 12/31.

Halloween Songs will include

Coming Soon


Christmas Songs will include

Coming Soon


Click here to see videos of the songs from the 2021 season!

The 2022 Halloween show will include some new Bats and Witches!


The Christmas display will inclulde new Stockings, bells and ornaments


Show will contain 3-4 songs.  We will rotate the songs each week.  Show will repeat every 15 minutes.

All songs heard in the show belong to the musicians and their companies.
I do not own any of the music heard in these videos but have a legitimate, bought copy and am using it under the "Fair Use" portion of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Listen to our show on 99.1 FM

901 Larkhaven LN    Albemarle, NC  28001

Please be safe and courteous

While watching our light show, we ask that you think of safety first and the experience of others.  Please abide by our light show etiquette checklist

  • - Keep the street passable and driveways clear
  • - Use your parking lights
  • - Keep your radio volume at a reasonable level
  • - Please do not enter our yard.  The light display uses electricity that can cause serious injury.
  • - Please mind where your child/children are if you exit your cars.  Please don't let them run around the parked cars FOR THEIR SAFETY
  • - Please do not litter our street during your visit and do not throw out cigarette butts.
  • - If you have a newer High end radio that allows you to pause live broadcasts, you will need to use "Drive In Theater" mode or the music will not sync with the lights.

2022 Schedule

Halloween Schedule

October 7th thru October 31st

Sunday thru Saturday 7:00PM to 10:00PM

Show every 15 minutes

Christmas Show:

November 25th thru December 31st

Sunday thru Saturday 5:30PM to 10:00PM

Show every 15 minutes